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Office Machine Models We Recommend

A-Cal can help you choose which office machine is right for you. As an independent dealer we aren't tied to any specific provider. We're free to offer whichever copiers, faxes, printers, and shredders our 25 years of experience tell us will work for you!

Call A-Cal and a live person will answer immediately. We'll get a sense for your budget and make recommendations based on longevity, ease of use, and maintenance quality of the copier. The below checklist is a good way to define your needs. Also, see Tony's 10 Tips to Choose the Right Copier.

Copy? Fax? Print? Scan? Shred? Attached to a network?

A-Cal's Inventory Warehouse
Grayscales for copying photos? Color or Black & White?
Double-sided copies? Scan two sides at once?
Built-in stapler? Finishing (booklet making)?
Unusual paper sizes? Copying onto card stock?
Mixed originals (feeds from 2+ trays)? Requires typing a code to use?
Speed needed (pages / minute)? Copy price ($0.01-$0.20/page)
Budget? Buy, lease, or rent? (tradeoffs)

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