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Tony's 10 Tips To Choose The Right Copier

  1. Document feeders vary widely. It's critical that when you feed paper at the top that the pages don't get bunched up or misaligned. A-Cal modifies all the feeders on the units we rent, lease, and sell, selecting only the best. Sometimes we recommend against a great model beacuse we can't get a reliable feeder tray.
  2. Types of paper matter. Some machines are finnicky with different kinds of paper. So double-sided copies can get jammed all the time.
  3. Newer isn't always better.It's smart to wait a year or two for the kinks to be worked out when you buy a new car. In the same way, a software or firmware upgrade can sometimes be a disaster. Sometimes A-Cal even recommends older models that have proven themselves to be reliable.
  4. Use the right machine for the right job. Every black & white copy you make on a color copier costs twice as much as making a copy on a regular black & white copier.
  5. Get the right size machine. Small machines aren't designed for enormous workloads. You may think you are saving money, but then your unit burns out!
  6. It's very important to keep the glass plate clean of all ink. Use denatured alcohol, which doesn't leave streaks.
  7. The easiest repair you can do yourself is putting acetone nail polish remover on the tires if they are slipping on the originals. It's a good rubber restorer.
  8. We recommend a variety of models, but overall we prefer the engineering quality of Canon over most manufacturers.
  9. Get smart! Read Tony's 9 Sneaky Sales Tricks that dealerships will try to use on you!
  10. A dealership run by salespeople has a conflict of interest. Their commission is more important than your experience. Call A-Cal for a 2nd opinion. We are owned and managed by service engineers and we have no salespeople. We know office machines!

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