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Office Machine Supplies: Toner, Ink, Paper, & More!

A-Cal Office Machines can provide toner, ink, paper, laser cartridges, transfer belts, staples, and other kinds of supplies. Here are some sneaky tricks to watch out for!

Avoid generics. You'll feel like you're saving money, no-name brands are priced less for a reason. Official manufacturer supplies extend your machine's life, improve its performance, and maximize its output. Generic supplies will cost you money when your machine performs erratically, breaks, or burns out. Of course, dealerships, which live off sales, don't mind if you need to buy a new machine!

At A-Cal, we're service people. We strongly urge you to go with the official (OEM) supplies provided by the manufacturer. As an independent dealer, we are not required to sell the manufacturer's toner. We could sell generic junk and make 2-3x the profit. But it's a point of pride with us not to. We want to extend the life of your machine and keep customer satisfaction #1. Call A-Cal!

"We're your copier company!" Pirates make a living by calling you up and pretending to be from A-Cal or another servicer. They'll ask what office machine you have. Then they call back in a month, name your office machine in an authoritative voice, and it's easy for you to assume that they are the leasing or servicing company you trust.

Then they strongarm you to buy supplies. One A-Cal customer was recently fooled into spending $529 on toner, with $239 shipping, that should have cost just $69 with $6 shipping. Ways to tell that someone calling isn't your regular supplier:

  • They're not the person you normally deal with.
  • They try to avoid giving their phone number.
  • They insist that you act now or somehow pressure to buy immediately.

The solution: tell them you're busy but will call them back. Don't take their number. Call your provider direct. Then get a 2nd opinion, call A-Cal!

"Discount" stores. Staples, Office Max, and other office supply stores have built a reputation on discounting. But just like supermarkets, they know how to discount some items to draw you in, and overprice other items when you're not looking. Because they are not authorized office machine servicers, discount stores cannot buy wholesale from the manufacturer. A-Cal buys direct and can give you better pricing. Call A-Cal!
"For Use In" Canon. If your box says "For Use In" Canon, Sharp, or some other model, it is not an official product. Manufacturers use words like "Genuine Sharp Toner".

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