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Tony's Guide to 9 Sneaky Copier Sales Tricks to Watch Out For

Here are some of the sneaky tricks we hear about all the time that our competitors will try to use on you. At A-Cal, we're service people. We don't have any salespeople and we take a lot of pride in treating you right and exposing some of the practices in our industry.

Selling a Copier to Eskimos
"You need to buy a new machine." Salespeople live off commissions. A copier firm owned and run by salespeople has an incentive to push you around and get you to buy new. Dealers say things like "We can't repair it" and "We can't get the parts" to scare you into replacing your machine..

Get a second opinion! A-Cal is owned and staffed by engineers. We take a lot of pride in what we do and service is the vast majority of our business. A-Cal can give almost any machine up to 8 years worry-free, with good service. Call A-Cal!

"We can't get the parts." Is that their excuse why you need to buy a new machine? In a lot of cases, A-Cal can prove them wrong. Get a second opinion! Call A-Cal!

What's the "Reality Price"? Bad service costs you money. Why settle for long delays for a service person to arrive or to get parts ordered? Delays and machine wear are the hidden costs when you "save money" on a cheap deal.

Our competitors make money by cutting service costs. They may have a staff of 50 technicians, but only 10% are experienced! That means 45 of them are inexperienced, fresh out of school, and looking at your business critical machines for the first time.

A-Cal technicians eliminate downtime so your equipment lasts longer. This high degree of service saves you up to 3 times more than with competitors!

  • Our service team has the highest average experience in New England.
  • We are the only New England company that delivers, sets up, and networks your equipment all in the same day without multiple specialists needed from different parts of the company.
  • We are the only New England company that carries a full stock of parts in our vans. Our drivers are radio-dispatched and can generally get to you in less than an hour! Call A-Cal!

Bad service tech incentives. It's outrageous but true. Competitors give their service people a kickback whenever a sale is made. So their service staff have an incentive to make the machines run a little slower or to suggest that machines are worn out when they're not.

Want to know why your copier gets fixed, and then jams again? Most competitors operate on a quota system called "callback status". They assign the technician to make 5-7 calls a day, with incentives judged on how many calls they make. They'd rather visit you twice than spend a little more time fixing it right the first time. Call A-Cal!

Buy Internet, get a rebuild. When you hunt for a cheap deal on the Internet, be wary of those no-name companies. Typically they sell "B stock" machines, which have been returned by some customer for a defect. They've got a warehouse with dozens of machines in pieces. They mix and match the parts and do their best to get a machine working. They sell it to you with no warranty and no service. When A-Cal sells refurbished you know what you're getting and we go through it top to bottom and give you a one-year warranty! Call A-Cal!

Getting a lease? Shop for service! Just because you're under a lease doesn't mean you're married to them for service. A typical 5-year lease only comes with 1 year of service. Shop around and don't assume the dealer has the best service to offer. Are you stuck in a service agreement? A-Cal offers a "Save the Day" discount. Try us and get out of the headaches and constant delays. Call A-Cal!

Who's Authorized? Our competitors will try to tell you that A-Cal is not an authorized dealer. We like it that way! Authorized dealers have to carry a full suite of products and have loyalty to one brand. They're in a straightjacket where they can't be honest about the tradeoffs of different makes and models.

What we are is an authorized servicer. That means A-Cal knows these machines inside and out. And we cherry pick only the best models, from all makers, to lease and sell. We can make more insightful, less biased recommendations than dealers. As an independent, our loyalty is to you! Call A-Cal!

Hidden lease terms. Is there a fee to keep your machine when the lease ends? Are your terms yearly but they can bill you overages monthly? Is there a clause that automatically renews the lease unless you remember to cancel the contract well in advance? (That's called an 'evergreen lease' because it's always green for the dealer, not for you!) All of A-Cal's leases are lease-to-own. It's your machine, you paid for it! Call A-Cal!

Avoid "Print Management". There are companies that monitor how many copies and prints you make and charge per copy. These services are incredibly expensive. A penny per copy is a reasonable price to pay for a service agreement.

And they use generic bulk toner because they think you're not smart enough to care. A-Cal never includes toner with a service agreement. What we do sell is original (OEM) toner that is designed to make your machine run problem-free. Also, dealers will try to sell you 3 years worth of toner. They'll say things like, "We can't service your machine if you don't have the supplies." The truth is you need no more than 6 months of toner. Call A-Cal!

Our best customers have defected from competitors, because they know how bad service can be. Make A-Cal fight for your business. We pride ourselves on no hidden costs, no delays, no being put on hold, and no bull!

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